Management Team

Ben Korman (Chief Technology Officer)

Prior to founding Oryzatech, Mr. Korman--an architect with an emphasis on innovative engineering--managed several large-scale apartment complex projects for Center Enterprises Incorporated.  He is well versed in construction contracts and purchasing cycles.  Mr. Korman worked at NASA's Ames Research Center where he conducted research and designed technologies for human habitats on Mars.  He is a consultant retained by Mickey Muennig, renowned California architect, for advice on innovative design principles and alternative materials. Mr. Korman has a Masters in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with an emphasis in alternative architecture and engineering.  His experience in the construction and engineering industries ensures that the product lines will meet the specifications required by builders. 

Team Responsibilities:

• Direct the research and programs required for the production of the CP Blocks
• Directs product design of the hardware related to CP Blocks
• Trains production personnel and provides technical assistance



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